Cruise Ship FAQ's

Cruise ships are a popular travel choice for people in Australia, and all over the world. Our cruise ship season starts in September and ends around April. During this time an average of 11 ships arrive at Albany Port, with anywhere between 500 and 2,500 people onboard each vessel.

Our community warmly welcomes passengers who cruise to Albany. A bagpipe player performs on the wharf as ships come into berth and market stalls are often set up in the Town Square when larger ships arrive.

For more information about cruise ships at Albany Port, please read the FAQs below. If what you’re looking for isn’t on this page, please contact us.

1. Is there a shuttle bus for cruise ship passengers?

Yes. We run a free shuttle bus to and from town. If you’d like to explore Albany further, there are a number of local tours, which showcase attractions in our region. Visit the Albany Visitor Centre for more information on local tours.

2. Where do I meet people arriving on a cruise ship in Albany?

Access to Albany wharf is restricted under Federal Government security requirements. Meeting outside the wharf can also be difficult as ‘no standing zones’, which clear the way for vehicles, restrict parking options.

We recommend making arrangements to meet your friend or family member in town, near one of the shuttle bus drop off points on York Street. If you’re not sure where these are located, take a look at the Shuttle Bus Map here.

Alternative access arrangements may be organised under special circumstances. Please contact us if this is required.

3. Can I go onboard a cruise ship?

Under Federal Government security requirements, the general public cannot board a cruise ship or access any secured zone within Albany Port. In this way the Port is similar to an airport, as strict security measures protect the safety of visitors and workers.

4. How can I see the cruise ships?

Marine Drive or the Boardwalk are great spots to view cruise ships arriving and departing from Albany Port.

5. Where is the cruise ship’s schedule?

We also have the most up to date cruise ship schedule for the Port of Albany on our website, right here.

6. Why do I have to stay 80-metres from the cruise ship when it is berthed?

To comply with the Federal Government’s security requirements, a restricted area of 80-metres from each Port berth is permanently in place. When a cruise ship arrives, an additional Exclusion Zone is in force at berths one, two and three. All other vessels and watercrafts are prohibited from accessing this zone, which extends 100 metres from the berth face. Penalties may apply if these rules are breached.


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