Visit the Port of Albany

Visit the Port of Albany

The Port of Albany is a hub of commercial activity that connects WA with trade from all over the world. We’re open 24-hours per day, which means strict access protocols must be in place to protect the safety and security of our Port, and its people.

If you’re working at Albany Port and require unescorted access or coming to the Port as an escorted visitor, you’ll find all the information you need here.

Escorted access

If you would like to access the Port of Albany as a visitor, you will need to apply for escorted access. This means you will be supervised by someone with a valid MSIC during your visit. You will also be taken through a hard copy pamphlet outlining key HSES information relevant to the Port by a qualified member of staff.

Please contact the Port of Albany to arrange access as a visitor.


Unescorted access

Information related to unescorted access for the Port of Albany can be found here.

Port Security Areas

Please find a map of the Port of Albany Security Areas here.

Revoking access

The Port of Albany reserves the right to revoke access to any escorted or unescorted individual at the Port. This applies to workers who are seen performing unsafe work practices, or any person who does not conform to the behaviors outlined in the induction video.

Talk to us

We do everything we can to streamline access for workers and visitors to the Port of Albany, so if you need further assistance, please contact us.

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