About the Port of Bunbury

The Port of Bunbury is one of the largest regional ports in Australia, connecting the South West with produce and other materials from around the world. The bustling trade hub is accessed by a number of industries that each play an important role in Australia’s economy.

Bunbury itself is a centre for industry, business and tourism in the South West. Around 30,000 people live in Bunbury city, with approximately 50,000 in the greater area. During summer an influx of tourists from Perth and beyond descend on the town to enjoy its attractions.


In 1803, the area now known as Bunbury was named ‘Port Leschenault’ by French Explorer Captain Nicholas Baudin. The town site was established in 1836, and in 1871 Bunbury became a prosperous municipality known for exporting hard wood, including Jarrah and Karri.

The Port itself benefits from well-placed rail and road links, which allows trade products to be easily distributed to and from the harbour. It’s strategic position creates a natural distribution point for mining, manufacturing and agricultural industries in the region.

More facts about the Port of Bunbury

  • Bunbury is the second largest city in WA.
  • The Port is 182 kilometres south of Perth, Western Australia.
  • That’s a two-hour drive or approximately two-hours by train.
  • The Port’s major imports are caustic soda, methanol, petroleum coke and vegetable oils.
  • Major exports include alumina, aluminium hydroxide, minerals sands, silica sand, silicon dross, spodumene, woodchips, bunkers and bunkering.
  • In 1967 the Bunbury Harbour Board changed its name to the Bunbury Port Authority.
  • The Port was first created by an act of Parliament on 1 July 1909.
  • Today, it is governed by the Port Authorities Act 1999.
  • Bunbury Port is a part of Southern Ports, which also includes Esperance and Albany Ports.

For a more detailed history of the port, please visit our comprehensive Port of Bunbury Historical Timeline.

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