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Community Consultation Committees

Under section 14A of the Port Authorities Act 1999, a community consultative committee is based at the site of each port to promote and facilitate information-sharing and consultation between Southern Ports and members of the public.

The committees provide Southern Ports with valuable advice on long-term strategic planning matters as well as feedback on day-to-day operations. As an organisation, Southern Ports is grateful to the time, passion and dedication demonstrated by the volunteers who comprise the committees.

To apply to join a committee, complete this form: 





Southern Ports takes its responsibility to support the communities in which we live and work seriously. This is why Southern Ports has a community sponsorship program which provides support for activities and events that benefit the communities of Albany, Bunbury and Esperance.

In a single year, more than 100 activities and events have received sponsorship through Southern Ports, ranging from sporting organisations to agricultural shows, community infrastructure to schools.

Our selection criteria and application forms are available for download, or for more information email sponsorship@southernports.com.au.