At Southern Ports, sustainability underpins everything we do. It is the cornerstone of how we go about our business and essential to achieving our vision of strong regional ports, strong regions.  

It is our way of operating; a way of doing business that is future-focused, innovative and smart, while also protecting and celebrating our heritage and natural environment. 

It helps us to create long term-value for our customers and community and contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our regions – not just for today, but for future generations.


SPA POA Sustainability


Building a strong and sustainable port network starts with our people. We’re developing a culture that inspires and empowers our team to do meaningful work in the regions in which they live and work.

We are committed to:

•    building an agile and future-focused culture
•    valuing safety, equality, diversity and inclusivity in the workplace
•    enhancing employee experience and engagement

SPA POA Environment


Our ports are situated within unique environment settings, nestled between township communities and sensitive terrestrial and coastal marine environments. We’re acutely aware of our important role in protecting and enhancing these regional assets.

We are committed to:

•    being a leader in environmental performance 
•    progressing climate action and energy transition 
•    working with nature in our Ports

SPA POE Community

Community and Partners

Our vision for ‘strong regional ports, strong regions’ reflects our deeply rooted aspirations to connect and collaborate with our regional communities for sustainable outcomes. 

We are committed to:

•    fostering and supporting liveable regions
•    engaging with our community and stakeholders
•    driving collaborative research and project work

SPA POA Prosperity

Regional Prosperity

Our ports connect our regions to a global marketplace. Our port assets – coupled with our drive for operational capabilities, efficiency, resilience and economic competitiveness – position our regions to thrive.

We are committed to:

•    evolving as a globally competitive and resilient business
•    facilitating trade and tourism for connected regions
•    investing in ‘Future Ports’ developments and infrastructure


Our sustainability actions are aligned to 14 of the 17 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

SPA Sustainability UN






Learn more about some of our sustainable projects underway across our ports.

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