Doing Business with Southern Ports

The success and growth of each of our ports is a result of the strong relationships we foster with suppliers. We take these relationships seriously and do everything in our power to ensure the businesses we work with are properly supported.

We are always looking for new businesses to be a part of our supply chain. When you partner with Southern Ports, you receive the benefit of a highly efficient network with a strong focus on safety, and responsible environmental practices.

Our Board and management is committed to ensuring you have the tools and infrastructure to maximise efficiencies in your operation. Each of our ports has the capacity and experience to handle large scale trade operations from diverse industries.


Information on how to enquire about New Trade with Southern Ports (importing or exporting through one of our ports) can be found on our New Trade Enquiries page.


If you’re interested in doing business with Southern Ports or would like to know about working with us, please contact our Procurement Team or call us on 08 9235 8029.

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