Scrap metal no longer a heavy load for Esperance

Scrap metal no longer a heavy load for Esperance

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  • Published: 27 September 2023

The final shipment of 9,500 tonnes of old railway sleepers that spanned from Kalgoorlie to Esperance has headed to Korea from the Port of Esperance as part of a metal recycling project facilitated by Sims Metal.

The five-year project has resulted in a total of 20,000 tonnes of scrap metal leaving Esperance, destined for offshore recycling into low grade structure steel.

Sims Metal Regional Operations Manager WA David Brackstone said the third and final shipment of scrap metal showcases the positive sustainability outcomes that regional collaborations can deliver.

“We’ve worked with Arc Infrastructure and other suppliers to gather scrap metal from the region to give it a second life,” said Mr Brackstone.

“Metal recycling is at the core of what we do and have done for the past century across Australia, Europe and North America.”

Southern Ports Chief Executive Officer Keith Wilks said he was pleased to see its Port of Esperance play a vital role in the export of materials destined for recycling.

“Iron ore and grain continue to underpin trade at our Port of Esperance, but we’re also keen to support new customers and extend the diverse commodities traded through our port. 

“For us, it’s particularly gratifying when that new trade is borne from a regional partnership and has sustainability at its core, like this one with Sims Metal,” said Mr Wilks.

“Sustainability is integral to our future and so for our Port of Esperance to be able to facilitate scrap metal shipments at this scale that will ultimately breathe new life into this material is fantastic.”

“We’re pleased to have worked with Sims Metal for the past five years to facilitate these shipments.”

The final shipment which took place over four days, loading bulk recycled metal into the Ultra Vanscoy from Berth 2 at the Port of Esperance, has headed to Adelaide and Perth to load additional cargo before it makes the 10-day trip to Korea to be melted and reused.

The old rail line sleepers had been stored 10 kilometres out of the town of Esperance, prior to being shipped last week.

Scrap metal is just one of 10 different commodities facilitated by the Port of Esperance, which last year exported 13.6 million tonnes of trade.

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