New Trade Enquiries

Interested in shipping your products through the ports of Albany, Bunbury or Esperance? Our trade development staff work with potential customers in the facilitation of trade through our three ports.

At a high level, new trade development is based around the following process:

  • Assessing your proposed trade to ensure it is best serviced at the port;
  • Identifying and agreeing a port operating model for your proposed trade and what new port infrastructure or changes at the port (if any) are required to handle this trade;
  • Identifying licences and approvals that are required for your proposed trade;
  • Reaching commercial agreement to access the port;
  • Obtaining the required approvals to commence your proposed trade.

The first step in the process of trade development is to send a high-level summary of your new proposed trade using the Southern Ports New Trade Proposal Form through to Once received, we will assess your information and make contact with you to further the discussion.