Port Operations

Southern Ports is strongly committed to developing strategies, which drive investment and expansion in each of its key locations. This strategy is backed by a Board of experts, and a comprehensive Strategic Development Plan.

Our focus on planning and development informs every facet of decision making – from day to day operations to long-term strategic goals. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure suppliers have the infrastructure and support to achieve continued growth in their industry.

Sustainability is a key element of our planning and development strategy, as we believe it puts us in a stronger position to drive investment and expand our operations further. We believe this approach also results in greater economic outcomes for the state of Western Australia.


Southern Ports has the infrastructure to handle multiple products across all of our Ports. This capacity is partly due to major upgrades, which have resulted in greater trade volumes. Of course, we are always looking to improve our infrastructure and maximise efficiencies further.

We continue to review and update our practices to ensure all Port operations adapt to the evolving requirements of new and existing trades. By planning for future, we ensure all of our customers retain optimal access to infrastructure.


Consulting with the community and the Government is another core element of our planning and development strategy. We have Community Consultative Committees, who advise on issues that affect the people who live and work around our Ports.

The advice we receive from these volunteers plays a key role in our planning and development strategy. We want the communities we work within to feel heard and considered, as we could not do what we do without their support.

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