Tendering for a contract with a State Government agency has a number of differences than tendering for a contract in the private sector. If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you review Industry Link's information about the Western Australian Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS) and the requirements of the Jobs Act 2017. This legislation may impact the information you need to submit with your bid (Participation Plans) and at the conclusion of the contract.

In the organisation’s own words:

"The WAIPS aims to provide local businesses with full, fair and reasonable opportunity to access and win State Government supply contracts. In particular, it focuses on small and medium sized enterprises, which make up approximately 97% of businesses in Western Australia."

Southern Ports is committed to the implementation of the WAIPS and encourages all businesses to check out the Industry Link Suppliers’ Guide for more information. Industry Link can be contacted for further assistance in completing a Participation Plan.


Tenders WA is an excellent portal for suppliers who want to be informed of tenders and awarded contracts available in Western Australia. It is considered the primary source for tenders within the WA public sector.

Whether you’re a supplier with Southern Ports, or thinking about becoming one, we highly recommend that you register with Tenders WA to ensure you are notified of procurement opportunities that may be relevant to you.

Guidance on how to register your business as a supplier on Tenders WA can be downloaded here.

If you do submit a tender application, please ensure it is submitted via Tenders WA, and not one of our offices.


Our Purchase Order Terms and Conditions can be downloaded here.

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