Becoming a Supplier
Southern Ports is committed to providing local businesses access to genuine opportunities to participate in our supply chain and establishing mutually beneficial relationships that strengthen our regional communities.

Value-for-money in all purchasing and procurement is of key importance to Southern Ports. This means that our purchase of goods, services and works is more than simply choosing the lowest priced supplier. As such, when making decisions to award contracts, Southern Ports will often take into consideration broader social, economic, and environmental priorities, cost factors and other matters including:

·         Western Australian Buy Local Policy 2022
·         Western Australia Industry Participation Strategy (WAIPS)
·         Aboriginal Procurement Policy (APP)

Southern Ports procures goods, services, or works in several different ways, depending on the risk, value and complexity.

Continue reading to find out further information on how to register and access supply opportunities suited to your organisation’s capability and capacity at any or all of our sites.

General Registration/Prequalification for Opportunities ≤$250,000
Suppliers interested in participating in request for quotation processes need to prequalify for the supply of goods, services and works at one or more of Southern Ports’ locations.

Southern Ports uses a system called Felix to enable us to efficiently manage our current and potential suppliers.

Felix is a simple and free interface that will ensure your business is visible to Southern Ports’ buyers. It will alert you to new supply opportunities and enable you to respond via a simple online Request for Quote process.

To commence the general registration/prequalification process, please select one of the categories from the below list (please choose the one that is most applicable to your business and your skills). If multiple categories apply, you will have the ability to select them during the registration process.

·         Administrative Support
·         Labour Hire
·         Professional Services
·         Travel
·         Utilities
·         Facilities Management Services
·         Insurance
·         Information Technology
·         Industrial Goods and Services
·         Service Provider Licence (as defined by the Port Authorities Regulations 2001)
·         Works

After completing your general registration on Felix, your profile will be reviewed by Southern Ports, and we will contact you if we have any questions. Once approved, your organisation will be eligible to receive and respond to supply opportunities matched to your organisation’s profile.

Please note: General registration and prequalification does not guarantee you will be successful in obtaining work from, or providing goods or services to, Southern Ports. You will still need to demonstrate that your bid represents value-for-money and be successful in the contract award process.

For further information, please contact

Opportunities ≥$250,000
Southern Ports uses the Tenders WA website (which is administered by the WA Government), to advertise open tender opportunities with an estimated value higher than $250K.

To ensure you are notified of Southern Ports’ open tender opportunities, visit the Tenders WA website and register your business.

For further information, please refer to the Tenders WA help guides at the following link Supplier Help Guides.  

Verification of Corporate Details
Before supplying any goods, services or works to Southern Ports, you must have your corporate and banking details formally verified.

Southern Ports uses a system called eftsure for this process.

This one-off verification requirement is free to use and confirms your details (such as ABN, BSB and account, etc) are correct, reducing your risk of delayed, lost or stolen payments.
For further information, please visit the eftsure website to access Information for Suppliers and their Staff.

All payments made by Southern Ports to suppliers require a valid tax invoice to be submitted via email to

Every invoice you submit must include a valid Purchase Order (PO) number. Without a PO number, your payment may be delayed while we confirm that the purchase was valid.  

For further information, please contact

Terms and Conditions
The Terms and Conditions generally applicable to the procurement of goods, services or works by Southern Ports, unless otherwise specified in any request, are available for download here.

Further Information
For further information, please contact

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