Supporting the WA Seabird Rescue Organisation

Supporting the WA Seabird Rescue Organisation

  • Albany
  • Community
  • Published: 12 December 2019

In late October, Southern Ports provided sponsorship to the Western Australian Seabird Rescue organisation to host a two day intensive workshop for wildlife rehabilitation volunteers in Albany.

The workshop was led by Elizabeth Hall, Wildlife Hospital Manager at Taronga Zoo and one of Australia's leading wildlife rehabilitation experts.

Workshop participants were involved in practical sessions, as well as provided with detailed information about key aspects of seabird and water bird rehabilitation.

The event organiser said that the workshop was a huge success and participants had left with increased skills and knowledge to assist them in the rescue, care and release of seabirds.

Further information about the work of the WA Seabird Rescue organisation can be found by visiting their Facebook page​.


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