Record Trade Month for Bunbury Port

Record Trade Month for Bunbury Port

  • Bunbury
  • Corporate
  • Published: 11 January 2021

1.845 million tonnes were traded through the port, smashing the previous highest record of 1.67 million tonnes traded in January 2018.

Bunbury Regional Manager Lee Smith said while December is normally a busy month, this year’s trade was boosted by a record alumina trade month.

“1.078 tonnes of alumina was shipped through the Port in December, up from our previous record of 1.029 tonnes in January 2018,” Mr Smith said.

“46 ships entered the port during the month, and our entire workforce worked together to facilitate this trade.”

On average 1.4 million tonnes are traded through the Bunbury Port each month.

Mr Smith said he expected trade to remain steady throughout 2021.

“With alumina being such a steady commodity at the moment, we anticipate trade will hold well throughout the year.”

Other products regularly traded through the Bunbury Port include, caustic soda, woodchips bulk mineral sands and minerals, grain and methanol.

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