16 Days in WA: Positive actions to create change

16 Days in WA: Positive actions to create change

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  • Published: 11 December 2020

Across all of its regions, Southern Ports hosted a raft of awareness-raising activities – from free community self defence workshops for women, providing financial support to local domestic violence services and lighting up port infrastructure.

More than 60 women across Albany, Bunbury and Esperance participated in free self defence workshops which provided tactical skills and knowledge to identify dangerous situations, how to respond and self-defend from various positions and against different objectives. 

Our team also gathered together to take a symbolic stance against domestic violence, which could be seen from the sky and has been shared through its networks. In addition to this, the team stopped for a moment to encourage respectful conversations and emphasize that respect starts with each person, with some staff sharing their personal stance against domestic violence with us visually.

Southern Ports also provided support to three local domestic violence services and refuges – Albany Anglicare WA Women’s Centre, South West Refuge Bunbury and Esperance Crisis Accommodation Service – to help with the cost of the integral services these refuges provide each day.

We also partnered with the CBH Group and Hexion Australia to light up the Albany grain silos and Bunbury’s Outer Harbour.

What a video of our support campaign here