Regional Ports are Future Focused

Regional Ports are Future Focused

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  • Published: 21 September 2020

Southern Ports proudly operates the regional ports of Albany, Bunbury and Esperance in Western Australia.

We are passionate about creating value for the communities in which we operate and the customers who use our facilities. We achieve this in consultation with the communities we work within, to ensure their needs are considered in all stages of planning and development.

Our ports — Albany, Bunbury and Esperance — play an important role in connecting WA with trade products from around the world. Our trade covers a broad range of product, reflective of the diverse economies of our regions. Our core strategic direction centres on our vision — “strong regional ports, strong regions”.

As the custodians of three gateways that connect WA to world markets, we take our responsibility as corporate citizens seriously.

We know that by fostering strong regional ports, we will contribute directly to supporting strong regions, delivering economic and social benefits for our communities.

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