Southern Ports New Organisational Structure Takes Effect

Southern Ports New Organisational Structure Takes Effect

  • Corporate
  • Corporate
  • Published: 17 February 2020

In 2019 Southern Ports Chief Executive Officer Steve Lewis announced an organisational restructure to take effect in early 2020.

Mr Lewis said he was excited to welcome the new members to Southern Ports, who each bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the organisation. 

“All our new employees are based regionally, in keeping with Southern Port’s continual focus on regional development,” Mr Lewis said.

The following people have been appointed:

  • Keith Wilks – Chief Operating Officer, based in Bunbury
  • Simon Gavin – Chief Commercial Officer, based in Albany
  • Monica Birkner – General Manager Sustainability, based in Bunbury
  • Robert Alexander – General Manager Port Development, based in Esperance
  • Scott Bates – Regional Manager Esperance
  • Lee Smith – Regional Manager Bunbury
  • Gary Crockford – Regional Manager Albany

Mr Lewis said that with the recruitment process now complete, the teams have significant opportunities before them.

“As we work to position Southern Ports for long term sustained success, we have a clear strategic direction and ambitious plans for each of our three ports,” Mr Lewis said.

“As the new team take up their respective roles, they will be responsible for bringing those plans to life and I look forward to building our strong regional ports to help support our strong regional communities.”