Increased Woodchip Dust in Esperance

Increased Woodchip Dust in Esperance

  • Esperance
  • Community
  • Published: 26 February 2020

Chief Executive Officer Steve Lewis said Southern Ports were monitoring the levels of respirable dust, and is pleased to report that the results indicate there is no health risk.

“While there is no health risk, we appreciate the inconvenience this nuisance dust has caused to our nearby community,” Mr Lewis said.

Southern Ports has been working with the product owner and loader to ensure the Port’s expectations and requirements on dust controls are implemented.

Improvement actions have included wetting down the berth regularly, setting up shrouding and water sprays around transfer chutes and setting up a wet down system on the unloader.

The woodchip dust had noticeably decreased since these measures were introduced and loading was completed on the 25 February 2020.