Operation Gull a Success

Operation Gull a Success

  • Esperance
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  • Published: 5 May 2020

Early on Tuesday morning Esperance shift superintendent Tony Willoughby was doing an inspection along one of the conveyor belts, when he spotted a Pacific Gull in distress and unable to take off. 

Tony managed to safely capture the gull, and then called for assistance. It took a team effort, side cutters and a Leatherman multi-tool, but Esperance Port staff managed to remove two hooks, a fishing float and fishing line from the gull's left wing. 

After the successful operation, Tony released the bird and it flew off into the sunrise. Just another day on the job for the team in Esperance! 

The Pacific Gull prefers sandy beaches, or less often, rocky coasts. In Western Australia, it occurs occasionally in harbours but mostly on exposed coasts and offshore islands. It usually avoids human habitation but is occasionally seen on farmland and rubbish tips near the coast but rarely inland. It can be found roosting or loafing in elevated situations such as rocky headlands or on structures such as wharves and jetties.

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