Port of Esperance Master Planning Project

Port of Esperance Master Planning Project

Southern Ports is proudly the custodian of the three ‘gateway’ ports of Albany, Bunbury and Esperance, connecting Western Australia to the world.

Our Corporate Vision is Strong Regional Ports: Strong Regions and we believe excellent long-term planning can help realise this determination. As such, we have commenced a Port Master Planning project for the Port of Esperance which will help guide and shape our planning in forward years.

The Port of Esperance Master Plan will take a long-term view of the Port's planning and infrastructure requirements up to 2050+. The project will essentially progress through three stages:

port of esperance master planning project stages


Key objectives of the project will be to outline likely future land uses within the port, after consideration of:

master planning project objective considerations

Throughout the master planning project, this project page will be used to share information and as the location for key project documents.


As part of the 'Baseline' phase of the project, we undertook a survey to capture your views on what you thought were the most important issues to be addressed in the Port Master Plan. We received a great response to the survey - with over 135 people responding from a range of stakeholders, including community, residents, local government, state government, business groups, exporters, interest groups, shipping lines, transport operators, port users and Southern Ports personnel.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to provide their feedback, we really value your input.

All the issues 'tested' in the survey scored at least 7 out of 10 in terms of level of importance, and the top four 'priority' issues from the survey were:

  • Ensuring the safety and security of people at and around the port
  • Focusing on clean and safe shipping
  • Openness and transparency with the Esperance township
  • Facilitating and supporting trade growth and diversity

From here, the results will be taken and integrated into the project methodology to ensure each and every issue is properly addressed in the master planning work.

A short summary of the results can be found here.

Please check back to this web page throughout the project for updates and/or further opportunities to be involved.

We also commit to making the final plans easily available to all stakeholders so that the vision for the Port of Esperance can be shared amongst all stakeholders.

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