Welcome to Southern Ports

Southern Ports is the custodian of the three ‘gateway’ ports of Albany, Bunbury and Esperance, connecting Western Australia to the world.

We are a Government Trading Enterprise and are responsible for the efficient and effective management of the state ports we operate.

We exist to create value for the communities in which we operate and the customers who make use of our facilities.

We do this by ensuring current and future trades have optimum access to our  infrastructure and we play an important role connecting Government, community and industry stakeholders.More

Shipping Statistics

Total Tonnage Through Port
Ship visits
  • Minerals
  • Grains
  • Wood Products
  • Other
  • Non Cargo

Note: Statistics presented here represent a 12 month rolling summary of trade statistics for all ports. Data may not be current and should not be relied upon - see Terms of Use.

Port Locations

Port of Albany

Port of Bunbury

Port of Esperance

Latest News

Southern Ports is thrilled to invite the Great Southern community to get an inside look at the Albany Port, opening the gates to the public for the 2021 Port Open Day. More
Southern Ports has expanded its marine operations team, with a Trainee Marine Pilot joining the Esperance Port.
An update on our Bunbury and West Perth operations as the lockdown is lifted.
We have reviewed the restrictions announced yesterday as part of the Perth, South West and Peel region lockdowns, and will continue our operations at the Bunbury Port in More